Malt Whiskies

Malt Whiskies for diffierent occasions.

The popularity of our uniquely packaged Clubhouse blend created demand for the subtle flavours that only Malt Scotch Whisky can provide. Our Blended Malt Scotch Whiskies are each very different: carefully balanced with between 12 to 18 single malts to give the widest appeal to those interested in well aged whiskies.
malt twilight packmalt fireside packmalt nightcap pack

‘Twilight’ is just the perfect salute to the end of the day.

‘Fireside’ is a powerfully heartwarming feeling and a complex dry finish make this the ideal complement to a relaxed fireside conversation with a friend.

‘Nightcap’ can be the perfect way to end the evening!

clubhouse whiskytwilight whiskyfireside whiskynightcap whisky

Due to highly popular demand, Old St. Andrews is proud to introduce our four great whiskies in easy-pour bottle formats.