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Pink 47

Pink 47 is offered in our unique diamond shaped bottle because it was inspired by the legendary Khavaraya pink diamond. It is a true London Dry Gin flavoured with 12 botanicals from all four corners of the world to produce a unique and complex flavour with a crisp and compelling finish.

Pink 47 has been expertly distilled four times and at 47% ABV it’s perfect to drink with a tonic or as the base for a great cocktail. It’s strong and full flavoured but without a trace of harshness.

This superb gin has won numerous international trophies and awards since it was launched in 2007 and has received critical acclaim.

It has already positioned itself as a force to be reckoned with in the premium gin category of white spirits.

buy nowWe are seeing the brand gaining increasing momentum within the premium gin market since securing top positions in the most coveted European drinks industry awards.

This growth is supported with:

  • Highly selective advertising
  • Award medal bottle dressings
  • The ‘Definitive’ cocktail recipe tag
  • Free tasting samples.
Keep a look out for the ‘Pink 47 Test’. A free tasting designed to drive buying by gin drinkers everywhere.

pink47 spirit silverPink 47

69th Annual Wine & Spirits WSWA

ISC pink47 spirit goldPink 47

International Spirits Challenge

Gin Awards

  • london40 gold award2011
    Winner of the 2013 Spirits Business Gold Award.

  • london40 gold award2011
    Winner of the 2011 Spirits Business Gold Award.

  • spirits_2011
    Platinum award winner of the 2011‘World Spirits Competition’

  • International
    Gold Winner of the 2008 International Spirit Competition.

  • Tesco 2008 Drinks Awards - Best Spirit
    Winner of the 2008 Tesco Drinks Awards for the Best UK spirit.

  • ISC 2008 Silver Award
    Silver award winner of the 2009 ‘Spirits International Challenge’

  • "Everything blends just perfectly with Pink 47"

    Marek Staack
    Connoisseur de cocktails from the Bar Hamburg at the Bar Zone, Berlin
    May 2009

  • London 40

    ***** Superb: A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED distilled spirit whose attributes, in the opinion of the author, are of exemplary quality and character within the established standards of its category. An outstanding product which is worthy of a search.

    MF. Paul Pacult's
    December 2012, Vol. 22, Issue 4 No. 96