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Each of our Blended Malt Scotch Whiskies has its own separate and distinctive character as indicated by its name.

We are often asked exactly what goes into each blend, and that is a classified secret known only to OSA Fine Spirits blend master.

This is what we could get him to tell us…

"It is difficult to provide a specific answer to the blend mix question. Each of the blended malts has between 12 and 18 single malts in the recipe carefully chosen to complement each other.

Our blended malts include malts from Speyside, Highland, Islay and the Islands and it is this diversity which gives the complex flavours."
Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible

He also says….

"It is wrong to compare with single malts as the descriptor “single” does not guarantee quality.

A blended malt using good malts matured in good wood (including sherry and bourbon casks) would always be better than a single malt from an inferior distillery filled into poor wood"
Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible

… and that is all that we could get out of him.

We can also reveal that about half the malt whisky is matured in bourbon casks and the remainder in sherry wood casks.